Typing Expanders: Live Session Follow-up

050710_will_ilsmallWe had a great live session on typing expanders.  Here is a place to post comments and follow-ups!

Of the 50+ participants at the event only a few were using a Typing Expander program and a number of participants weren’t even sure what a Type Expander software was.

This is one of those simple, easy programs that can make a big difference in people’s use of computers.  I think a number of people at the event were hooked.

The archive to the Live Event is here!



8 responses to “Typing Expanders: Live Session Follow-up

  1. Great stuff, Will. I’ll be looking at this site for more suggestions, especially if some folks are Mac users and found some good stuff.

  2. Thanks Robert! Yeah I hope some Mac Users chime in. I think there are some pretty cool tools for text substitution and macros for the Mac!


  3. kupsychologyblog

    Hi Will,

    Question – Don’t laugh – Is “Auto Hotkey” a program or function of windows? This is like “Short Keys” yes?


  4. Will, a couple of other tools that folks may like – I do. One works with a U3 drive and is my portable brain. It is called QuickPhrase by Typing Master. It is for fee, but it sure has saved a lot of typing. I use it to auto insert those things that I don’t use often but want correct. Email subjects are one example. The other is a whole collection of phrases.

    The other is a programmable gaming pad. I have programmed it with common functions like copy, paste, delete, and copy whole line. I have also programmed it with common scores I use in grading. Unlike your style, to keep hand on keyboard, this allow more time off the keyboard. Just using the mouse and the game pad, I seldom put my hands on keyboard when entering grades. These techniques might help other think of ways to improve efficiency.


    • Wonderful info Dennis. The Gaming Pad idea is fascinating!

      I am surprised our voice recognition fans haven’t chimed in yet!


  5. Howdy,
    Type it in is not a hot key program, but a program that allows you to make navigational type buttons with text content.
    So just like Will’s Text Expander Presentation, which I watched today, Type It In allows you to quickly insert comments or paragraphs of text at a click of a button.
    I really like this program, it is free for 30 days or 19.95. and located at:

    I have also found their contact email to be quick and supportive.
    Hope it helps!

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