Been thinking about Avatars!

Will finding cool stuff

Will finding cool stuff

I have been thinking about the sociological implications of Avatars for a few years now.  What do avatars tell us about ourselves?  What do avatars convey to people we know?  What about for people we don’t know well?  And are they appropriate for online teachers?

I don’t know the answers, but above is a simple avatar I made at

I, or some avatar-me, will see you on the web,



2 responses to “Been thinking about Avatars!

  1. Hi Will! Just thought I would chime in regarding avatars. In my “other life” I am an elementary school librarian. I worked with a group of students this past year in literature circles, and our introductory activity was for each child to make an avatar using DoppelMe and attach it to Wordles they had made of their impressions of literature ( It was a fun activity – I’m going to have to go back and re-evaluate in the light of what you have said above. You can take a look at one of their samples at


    works well. it can speak using your voice or another computer generated voice and it can be added to web pages, sent to friends and so on. do not know if I can be added to the announcement section of the ecollege enviroment–haven’t tried that yet. Rebecca

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