Seth Godin on Textbooks

050710_will_ilsmallVery interesting “rant” from Seth Godin about Textbooks.  He says:

As far as I can tell, assigning a textbook to your college class is academic malpractice.

And his solution:

The solution seems simple to me. Professors should be spending their time devising pages or chapterettes or even entire chapters on topics that matter to them, then publishing them for free online. (it’s part of their job, remember?)  When you have a class to teach, assemble 100 of the best pieces, put them in a pdf or on a kindle or a website (or even in a looseleaf notebook) and there, you’re done.

Whether that is true or not, it is born of the same impulse as the Open CourseWare Project.

Hope you have a great week and I’ll see you on the web,



One response to “Seth Godin on Textbooks

  1. Mike Pouraryan

    Hi there Will,

    This move is quite extraordinary indeed. Seth Godin always has a “unique” way of putting things, doesn’t he?

    Such a move that Seth Godin talks about has indeed been happening. This site: provides that very flexiblity to use what the authors have done as a foundation and for professors to use as reference.

    “See” you later!!!

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