Need your help: Live Events in July!

050710_will_ilsmallHi Everyone!

I am putting the final touches on the IL Live Event Schedule for July, and I wanted to get feedback from the IL Blog readers.  So I’ll tell you what I am thinking and then you tell me what you are thinking!  🙂

Here is what I am thinking:

  • I am considering doing a photo-editting session ( and maybe piscassa from google and/or maybe the web version of photoshop.)
  • I am also considering doing the typing expander software that I talked about a few weeks back.
  • I have already committed to a facebook/social media session in July.
  • The IL Fellows and I plan to do a Jing presentation and an Audacity presentation once a quarter for the foreseeable future (but probably not in July.)
  • In the back of my head, I have been thinking of doing an RSS Reader presentation and social bookmarking.
  • Less developed, but still brewing is a  “widgets for announcements” presentation
  • And the Q2 fellows will start presenting towards the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall, so we will start see events on things like synchronous audio tools, advanced Voice Thread, webcams and personal video, etc.

So that’s what is on my mind regarding Live Events.  Now tell me what is on your mind!

Leave a comment about what topics you would like to see covered in an Innovations Lab Live Event.

I’ll see you on the web!



5 responses to “Need your help: Live Events in July!

  1. Hi Will! These sound like great sessions. I’m especially interested in the photo editing, social media, Jing, and widgets for announcements possibilities.

    A question – is there any possibility that there could be evening sessions for those of us who are part-time with Kaplan and have jobs during the day? If not, are the sessions archived anywhere so that we could access them later?

  2. Thanks for the feedback Wanda. Helpful!

    As the IL grows, we may start offering day and evening versions of presentations. I would like too.

    But there are a couple options.

    The sessions themselves are archived at the CTL sharepoint site here:

    I create “almost live” version of a lot of presentations. They are condensed versions of the presentations themselves. Here is an example:

    Glad that you have found the IL Wanda!

    I’ll see you on the Web!


  3. Bring on the Typing Expander – please!!!!!

    I teach Picasa – in my other life – and I find it to be very simple and useful for all levels.
    Is the web version of PhotoShop free?

  4. Laurie Patti-Dillon

    Hey Will!

    Zorap looks so cool! Do you think you think a live event on how to use Zorap would work?

    Also, may I ask what kinds of Widgets will be covered in your Widgets for Announcements Event? For those of us who may not know: What are widgets? 🙂

    I assume you are still offering the IL Event for our new faculty, too- it is getting rave reviews!

    Rock on, Will! 🙂


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