IMVU: Second Life Lite?

mikeAs a “Second Lifer”, I have always been keen to see what other virtual reality solutions are out there. I also was trying to see with AOL being let go by Time Warner, what will happen to AIM and how we can maybe entice our students to be more excited.

I decided to download IMVU to check it out. From what I have seen so far, I regard it as “Second Life Lite”.  But still it is is quite interesting.

Check out this nice little overview:


Mike 🙂

5 responses to “IMVU: Second Life Lite?

  1. Mike,

    I have to admit that I am fascinated with the idea of 3-D worlds even in their less grandiose incarnations (compared to 2nd Life)! I have an account on metaplace ( but haven’t had a chance to play on it yet.

    Thanks for digging this up Mike!


  2. Verlinda Ruble Says:

    Hi Will and Mike, This is very cool! How do you envision students using it? Verlinda:-)

  3. mikepouraryan

    Hi there,

    Glad everyone is enjoying it.

    My hope is that we can potentially look at it as an alternative to AIM..especially with AOL being spun off by Time Warner…..There are still challegnes in how to manage that environment, though….

  4. I like WAVE better to communicate with students for Office Hours. Why? This could get a little too “sexual” with wild outfits and sensual dances. I do like Second Life, but find it hard to carve out time to play in there. I even purchased “How to” books, but I am always grading stuff…oh, well. JoAnn

  5. Carol Edwards

    Hi Mike & Will,

    This is very interesting; I find the 3 D world to be fascinating.
    Is it user friendly?


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