The Story of Stuff

050710_will_ilsmallI don’t know if you have heard about the video “The Story of Stuff” by Annie Leonard, but there was a New York Times Article on her and her video, over 6 million folks have view the video, and school teachers are increasingly using the video to supplement textbooks that are less-than-up-to-day.  (The final point was a central point of the NYT story.)

I offer it up here for a number of reasons:

  1. As scholars and intellectuals we may agree or disagree, but we shouldn’t be afraid to have an opinion.
  2. I like the visual story-telling style.  I can see that being effective in a number of learning contexts with a lot of different topics.
  3. It is interesting to see this how this piece of non-traditional educational media is leveraging social networks to spread it’s message.

Here is the first part on youtube:

The whole video can be watched in higher quality here at

I’ll see you on the web,



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