Web Stickies: lino it

050710_will_ilsmall I’ve been debating whether or not I should post an article on lino it. I can’t quite see how I would you it, but maybe others will.  (I am testing out a private canvas to keep stickies on various topics and tools I might blog about.)

It is a quirky “web post it note” / bulletin board type of application (which I understand is pretty popular in Japan.)

You create a canvas, and then you can post sticky notes to it.  The sticky notes can just be text, or you can attach a file to it, or embed a video in it.  And you can put due dates on the sticky notes too.

The interface is the most interesting part.  It is very tactile. You can move stickies around.  And the board is actually quite big and you can move the visual part of the board around too.

It is also possible to use the space for collaboration.

Click on the image below to go to a test canvas I set up.


I’ll see you on the web!


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