TidyRead. Make webpages easier to read

050710_will_ilsmallSo what do you do when a webpage is hard to read? Suffer quietly, if the text is worth it, or else you never come back to the site, if you can possibly help it.

There is a neat tool I stumbled upon called TidyRead.  It is a “bookmarklet” (which means it isn’t very hard to make it work with your browser) which creates an easy-to-read version of the webpage you are on.

I created a short youTube video of how it works:

Click here for a larger version of the demonstration.

Stay legible and I’ll see you on the web!



4 responses to “TidyRead. Make webpages easier to read

  1. Jan McDanolds

    What a great tool! No more eyestrain on that 5 pt. type. Thanks, Will!

  2. Jean Binkovitz

    Readability does that, too.

  3. Laurie Patti-Dillon

    Hey Will!

    Now I don’t have to scramble for my glasses!


  4. Hi Will,

    This is a great video. Can we put it in our homepage as an tutorial for TidyRead bookmarklet? How should we contact you? Let us know.


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