On Tuesday I hosted an Innovations Lab Live Event on the topic of new developments in storage and collaboration. I really appreciated the turn out and the energy of the group.  It was cool!

We did have a couple technology hiccups.  But that just inspired me to try to “capture” the essence of presentation in an asynchronous format.  Hence, the idea of an “Innovations Lab almost LIVE EVENT!”  So here is a test of the concept.*

The presentation is about 30 minutes long, but you can skip through slides as you want.  I think the first embedded screen-video-capture is on slide #6.   Feedback on content or format is always welcome — in the comments or email me at

Here is a link to the same presentation, but in a larger version.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

* From a technology perspective it is a mash-up of SlideRocket, Jing and audio files created with Audacity.
I’ll see you on the web!

4 responses to “IL almost LIVE EVENT!

  1. Nicole Niemiec

    I love it! Great title and excellent design on sliderocket.

  2. Thanks Nicole. I always was a “title” guy — even back in grade school. Great titles for stories and poems, but fairly mediocre stories! LOL!

    — Will

  3. Maggie Glazer

    Hi Will, Thanks for providing this workshop live and almost live. I actually like the almost live format better than the live events because it appears more interactive. I can navigate through the slides and go back and forth as I need to recall information. Thanks! Maggie

    • Great feedback Maggie. My instinct tells me that the combo of “live” and “almost live” will be a winner. Come to an event and then take the “event” home “in a box” as it were. 🙂

      Behind the scenes I am also looking for an easy way to “double dip.” While creating a deck for a presentation and practicing for a live event, I also want to make “almost live” assets at the same time.

      The other thing I am thinking of is how best to collect and annotate links to other “how-to” resources on a particular tool. I certainly don’t want to be re-inventing the wheel and I want to leverage the web itself. But I also think sometimes sifting through help options can be overwhelming in an of itself.

      Thanks again Maggie!


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