Researching iStream

holliAfter attending the 2009 TCC Conference, I was intrigued by a presentation that discussed the uses and overall benefits of iStream, a site that allows for the sharing and collaboration of information.  There is a fee involved in becoming a member of the site; however, institutional admission to the site is possible, and offers additional benefits to its members.  iStream provides access to numerous resources including the following:

  • Complete course foundations and instructional materials
  • Partnership resources, including NROC and the HippoCampus Repository
  • Miscellaneous Topics of Current Interest
  • Professional Development Opportunities, including free ‘seats’ once an institution joins the site
  • Publications
  • Webinars
  • eLearning courses, curriculum and the maintenance of various course content including topics such as Environmental Science, Government, History and Physics
  • A section entitled ‘Ten Questions’, which is geared towards current topics, questions and answers involving leadership
  • Various ongoing projects
  • Faculty and Student support including research assistance

This might be something that would be beneficial for Kaplan University to explore, if the fee was minimal, and the services offered were an extension of current resources already available to staff and faculty here at KU!

Best Regards,

Holli Vah Seliskar
IL Fellow, School of Criminal Justice


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