Bumptop is super cool!

Bumptop is a cool, new type of graphics interface.  I first heard about it from a TED talk.  (If you don’t know about TED talks, get yourself to Google and find out!)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I was entralled right away.  I just learned this week that versions of the software demo’ed in the video above have been released (a free version and a $30 version.)  So of course I had to try it.

I tried it, I liked it and I even bought it for myself.

Here’s why.  Organization is NOT a particular talent of mine, and that extends from real desk tops to virtual computer desktops.  And I have always felt that I was fighting with operating systems to let me have the flexibility to organize the way I wanted too.

When I am creative and working on a project I am a paper shuffler, a doodler, a sketcher, etc.  Windows and even OSX don’t know me, “get me”, let alone, appreciate me.  I think Bumptop is going to evolve into something amazing!  (Especially when touch screens really hit the markets!)

Here are a few screen shots:

1. The full desktop.  Note: Simple, clean and I would even say “warm.”


2. I can decide the things that I want to group together.  (Here are some of the “hot” project folders I am working on a lot these days. I can give them customized “icons” too.)


3. Gathering them is a simple, fluid mouse gesture (and will be cooler with a touch screen!)


4. And that group is now a pile.


5. With a pile, I can flexibly visualize the group in a number of ways.


6. Here’s a grid for example:


This grid can toggle back to a pile too.

The screenshots don’t do it justice, but it is cool!

I’ll see you on the web!



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