Exponential Times

Here is an interesting youTube video that Erica H. sent my way.

It is thought provoking. I liked the theme of exponentiality.  It was memorable and organized the “factoids” well.

books_hawkinsI am not a neuroscientist (and I don’t even play one on the web), but I don’t think if I agree with the video’s assertions about the computational power of the brain and the future of $1000 computers. While that may be may be true, but it might not be that consequential.

Just a teaser here… my ideas are influenced by a book by Jeff Hawkins entitled “On Intelligence.” It really is a wonderful book, if you like the popular science genre.  I think this book is a big reason why my son is now studying biochemistry and neuroscience in college now.

Hey thanks to everyone for another great week at the Innovations Lab.

I’ll see you on the web!



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