Google on April’s Fools Day

Google’s latest April’s Fools Day gag: Cadie

The movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” had the computer, HAL.  In 2009 (A Web Odyssey???) we have Cadie, an artificial intelligence with the personality of a “myspacing” teenager.  If you don’t believe me check out Cadie’s Webpage.


Other classic Google April’s Fools Day gags (found on

  1. Mentalplex (find search results by reading your mind)
  2. Google Copernicus Center (a job center on the moon)
  3. Google Gulp (a drink that will make you smarter)
  4. TiSP (toilet internet servive provider)

Find other Google pranks listed on

(I batted .750 with April Fool’s jokes on my family!)

Happy April 1st everyone, and I’ll see you on the web!



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