CTL is Twittering!

twitter_logo_125x29 The CTL is starting to twitter!  We have set up CTLEvents to send reminders of events and send up-to-minute changes that might occur.  I know that I am going to value this new service by the CTL — a little nudge will be helpful for this old, absent-minded professor.

To sign up for twitter and follow “CTLEvents” go here: http://twitter.com/CTLEvents and click on the Join Today button.  It is simple.

The key to making twitter interesting and ultimately productive is to get a desktop application that you like. Lots of them here: http://twitter.com/downloads. I’ve tried TweetDeck and Thwirl and Twitterific and Snitter for my laptop.  I am using TweetDeck mostly these days, but that may because I follow lots of people and with tweetdeck I can group folks.

I’ve used Hahlo for my iPod Touch and currently I am using Tweetie.   These work on the iPod Touch and the iPhone!

You might ask yourself why twitter.  Here are a couple interesting articles on the topic.

If you all are twittering yourselves, feel free to follow me: http://twitter.com/profdebock

Hope you are having a great weekend and I’ll see you on the web!



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