Is the Kindle 2 your only choice?

kindle2-arrived-20090209-250k_v248558428_1Amazon’s Kindle 2 is now out and available.

In my opinion, although Amazon has made improvements, there are features still lacking. For instance, users will not have the convienence of touch screen technology available on the Sony PRS-700B or the screen resolution of iRex Technologies’ iLiad Readers. Kindle 2 has two distinct advantages:

1) Amazon’s range of books (more than 230,000 of them) &

2) The built-In WhisperNet Cellular wireless connectively.

[ed. note: Here is a link to a video “unboxing” of the Kindle 2 by Cali Lewis.]

E Book Readers, though, are quite pricey. There are improvements that will be forthcoming. In the meantime, alternatives are avaiable. One such alternative is Shortcovers. It is available at Short Covers. I downloaded the application on my blackberry and was able to go and look for books. I found the user interface to be quite easy and straighforward.

There are also other sources available as well. One such source is Project Gutenberg which lists over 27,000 public domain books. I tried downloading one book to my blackberry to assess how it went. It was a bit slow, but I was able to download the book I was looking for.

In terms of eBooks, one thing is for sure: the choices are growing…


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3 responses to “Is the Kindle 2 your only choice?

  1. I have a Kindle 2 and I love it! There is nothing like finishing up a book and loading another one on in seconds. The selection is fantastic with the Amazon Kindle books as well.

    However, Apple has partnered with Amazon and now you can download a free ap for your iPhone that turns the iPhone into a Kindle. You then have touch screen and back lighting for the books and you get the entire Kindle selection from Amazon. It’s a nice option if you already own the iPhone.

  2. Very cool Holly. I have a Kindle 1, and love it too. The reading experience is so “clean and friction-less”

    One thing I do is: download the Sunday New York Times for 75 cents. In my neck of the woods the Sunday NYT costs over 5 bucks.

    I have the iPhone/iPod Touch Kindle reader is pretty cool too. It is free. It isn’t a bad reading experience either. And it is nice how it syncs up where you are in the book between the devices. That’s pretty handy! I just can’t figure out how to add highlights in the iPod Kindle reader.


  3. Donna Liljegren

    I have a Kindle 1 and still love it. I don’t plan on investing in Kindle 2. I am holding out for color and improved graphics. In the meantime, I am happy with the selection of books that I can buy — and the fact that I now have an iPod app to support it!

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