Do Baby Boomers LOL, Tweet and Facebook?

There is a perception out “there”, that all the new, social networking technologies (like facebook, twitter and blogs) are for the young — teens and 20-somethings, you know, the kids.  🙂

A report by Accenture, as summarized by Steve Rubel of the blog Micro persuasion (a blog focused on emerging technologies and marketing), reports that:

Baby Boomers (those born 1946-1964) are the fastest growing users of social networking sites and are also increasingly reading blogs too. Meanwhile, Gen Y interest in these services has plateaued. This all according to the latest Consumer Electronics Usage Survey from Accenture.

While it is clear that the younger generations are still the largest percentage of social networking consumers, the baby boomers are coming on strong.  He cites that baby boomers:

  • Increased reading blogs and listening to podcasts by 67 percent year over year; nearly 80 times faster than Gen Y (1 percent)
  • Posted a 59 percent increase in using social networking sites—more than 30 times faster than Gen Y (2 percent)
  • Increased watching/posting videos on the Internet by 35 percent—while Gen Y usage decreased slightly (-2 percent)

Rubel’s article, Social Networking Demographics: Boomers Jump In, Gen Y Plateaus, is a good quick read.

This Week In Consumer Electronics (Twice) delves into the Accenture report a little more deeply.  Click here for the article.


We’ve made it through the middle of the week!

I’ll see you on the web!


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