Analog vs. Digital

I was visiting with my brother-in-law this weekend.   He was surprised when I pulled out a notebook and pen to jot down an idea from our conversation.  He said, “A notebook!  Are you going backwards, Will???”

Actually, the fact is: I love notebooks and taking notes, sketching ideas (and sometime pictures) with actual, real pen (or pencil) and paper.  (Did I just hear a collective gasp in the IL network?)

Two analog note-taking ‘devices’ (err.. otherwise known as notebooks) that I use are:

  1. Moleskin
  2. Flip Notes

Also, I have been using some printable forms to track projects.  

The Printable CEO templates by David Seah are pretty cool.  I have used TPT (Task Progress Tracker) and the ETP (Emergent Task Planner.)  

Sometimes paper is nice and geeky too!


Have a great week and I’ll see you on the web!


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