Geek Media Feeds!

This post may be a tad geeky for some IL Blog Readers, but I can’t help myself!

Sometimes folks ask me how I stay on top “tech news.”  Well it is a combination of things — listening to friends and co-workers, following up leads, etc.  But there are also podcasts and vidcasts that I listen to or watch  fairly regularly.

Here’s a short list: — A short, daily vidcast with the ever-enthusiastic Cali Lewis.  This show covers a lot of product and gadget news.

This Week in Tech (TWiT) — This is one of the most popular and most listened to podcasts on the web.  It’s format is a round-table discussion with various tech writer/reporter folks chiming in.  Led by Leo LePorte.  (Lots of insider talk, and conversation.  Lots of folks love it; lots of folks can’t stand it.)

Tech5 — This is a 5 minute, daily podcast with long time tech reporter John C. Dvorak.  He can be a bit curmudgeonly; he is also on another video podcast called Cranky Geeks. I like the short format (and the crankiness  :-).)

NPR Technology Podcast — This is a once-a-week collection of tech stories from various NPR shows like All Things Considered, Morning Edition, etc.

EdTech Posse —  From Canada, these are mainly a bunch of Education Profs who teach Educational Technologies to grad and undergrad students.  Most of the regulars are also on twitter, and have been a great help to me from time to time.

IT Conversations — I pick and choose what I listen from this feed.  They capture some great keynote address from conferences.

EDUCAUSE Podcasts — Not always “techy”, but I do scan what is available every couple weeks or so.

And of course I subscribe to the RSS feed for each of these so they are sent directly to my iTunes software and my iPod.

Have a great day… and I’ll see you on the web!

— Will


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