A Great Video and Keynote from Michael Wesch

Dr. Michael Wesch is an Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Kansas State University.  He has created a little bit of a “stir” with some of his you youTube videos.  A number of them have had over a million views; one has had as many as 8 million views.

Here’s one of them.  “A Vision of Students Today.”

And here is a Keynote address he gave in January in Orlando, Florida: “From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: Experiments in New Media.”  The beginning is fine (when he talks about Media Literacy), but I think he really starts to shine when he talks about his classes, his teaching and his innovations.  The guy is obviously a passionate teacher!

Link to the Educause Podcast MP3 File


One response to “A Great Video and Keynote from Michael Wesch

  1. Will,

    Thank you for speaking at Ed Studies’ faculty meeting today.

    After watching Mr.Wesch’s video, at first I felt sad because today’s students feel so shortchanged when it comes to the quality of their education. I almost felt like I was watching one of those videos about children who are living in terrible poverty. That feeling was quickly replaced with “we can do something about this” and then I felt this huge sense of responsibility! (This video definitely inspired me). I feel proud that here at Kaplan, we focus so much on making things relevant to our students’ lives as well as getting to know them even though we’re not on ground. I believe that if educators could start with changing those two pieces of the picture: knowing a student’s name (using the student’s name as much as possible online) and making him or her feel that what he is learning is relevant, it could change things in a remarkable way. Thanks for reading my response.

    p.s. I am a musician and use Audacity to record dual tracks of music-I love it!

    Jeryl Matlock

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