Is Knol Google’s answer to wikipedia?

Knol (which is shorthand for Knowledge) is Google’s answer to Wikipedia.  It has arrived!!!

This is positioned by Google as a platform for Subject Matter Experts of All Kinds to submit articles of interest.   They can either open it up for editing or not.    Google provides a platform for such writers to share revenue (just like what they’re doing with Adsense).   What I liked about it was the fact that the editing history could be traced directly.    This included even the most minute changes the authors or other collaborators could do on the subject.

Although the structure of it strikes me as innovative and exciting, I do view this suspiciously in terms of whether this can serve as a platform for true scholarly research or will end up exploding in all directions as Wikipedia has.   Google, though, has  once again has thrown down the gauntlet and will give Wikipedia and the traditionalists a run for their money.

Here is the link:

Check it out!!!

— Mike

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