The Notion of “Singularity”

A new university has come into being.    Welcome to Singularity University!!!

This University has been established to help advance the concept of Singularity.   This is the brainchild of the futurist Ray Kurzweil.   He has been the advocate of this “idea”.  According to a report in the Wednesday, Feburary 5, 2009 edition of the Financial Times,  Singularity envisions a time when “…machines will be able to improve themselves using artifical intelligence and that smarter-than-human computers will solve problems including energy scarcity, climate change and hunger….”

This “University” is being backed by Google, NASA and the Peter Diamond, the X-Prize CEO.   It will provide a platform for this notion of singularity to be studied further.       Please check  them out at:

We are truly living in exciting times!!!

— Mike


2 responses to “The Notion of “Singularity”

  1. The notion of singularity is quite interesting and somewhat (quite) controversial. It was interesting to see this video and your write-up of it.

    The topic might lend itself to a book discussion group choice.


  2. Hi there Will,

    It is just absolutely fascinating beyond belief. When I read on this, I remembered the terminator and the future. The future is now..whether we like it or not.


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