Another Evolution in The “Virtual World”

It looks like Google is at it,yet again. I just ran across Google’s version of the Virtual World. It is available at You have to ability to create your own rooms and apparently do a whole host of other innovative stuff that may end up giving Linden a run for its’ money. Being a Second Life Devotee, I continued to wonder when Google was going to get into the game. They have..and apparently plan to do so in a big way!!!

More to come…..


One response to “Another Evolution in The “Virtual World”

  1. I like Lively, but I think for shallow learning curve and wide-spread accessibility, it’s hard to beat for building a virtual office. I can add family pics, links (the calendar can link to an actual course calendar, etc), music, etc. Until recently, they lacked avatars, but that is changing. You can see the early stage of my virtual office at

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