“Rummaging Through the Internet, part 1”

This is my first of of what I hope is many contributions to the Innovations Lab Blog. I have regarded our work at the Innovation Labs as one to dream about what can be possible. I continue to be amazed as to the evolution we’ve undergone and continue to undergone. My title is based on an Article in the latest Technology Quarterly by the Economist Magazine (http://www.economist.com). This is the first of a two tools I have uncovered that I hope visitors to our blog will check out. This one is is called Hyperwords. The URL for it is at http://www.hyperwords.net.

This is a neat little tool developed by a Norwegian Computer Scientist to “…makes every single word or phrase ona page into a hyperlink-not just those chosen by a website’s Author…” (Economist, June 7 2008 p14). The only little drawback is that it is not available for Internet Explorer yet. I have just downloaded it to test it out. The possiblities are interesting, to say the least. Here is a video demo overview, courtesy of the Hyperwords team (http://www.hyperwords.net.)

Check it out and let us know what you think!!!




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