I don’t think that this site will be immediately useful for individual faculty members. Rocketbooks are multi-modal study-guides for students studying works of literature.


It is heavily ad-supported (intrusively so, in my opinion), and that would be a problem for my own teaching practice.

But what got me thinking about was: presenting the same
material in multiple formats. Rocketbook does:

  1. video guides (watch it on screen or download it)
  2. PDF guides
  3. Wiki-enabled notes
  4. and, audio-only MP3s

This gives students many options to learn the same material in various formats. It also increases the likelihood of students using mobile versions of the material. It really is a cool idea.

Again, not sure it is applicable out-of-the-box, but it did get me thinking about my own teaching practice.

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  1. Donna Liljegren

    I like the notion of multiple delivery formats. Pretty cool, Will!

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