The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

I like this 3 minute piece by Cultural Anthropologist Michael Wesch who coined the phrase Digital Ethnography. It is not a lecture. But it is cool.


3 responses to “The Machine is Us/ing Us (Final Version)

  1. Jackie Lindquist

    I heard Michael Wesch speak at a recent conference. His ideas are incredible. He uses for his course homepages. There, the students may login to Facebook, check the weather, add to the lecture wiki, check the latest news with an rss feed, and lots more. He is an inspiration to those who are aspire to collaborative learning.

  2. Hi Jackie!

    I haven’t had the pleasure of hearing him speak live, but hope to in the future. seems like a cool portal concept. I’ve played around a bit with which seems similar.

    Glad to see you checking out the IL Blog!


  3. Jackie Lindquist

    I certainly am checking the blog. You write a great one, Will. I am learning so much from this. You discuss all of the new tools and their impact on learning.
    Great job!

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