Personal Learning Environments

Been thinking a lot over the last few days about Personal Learning Environments (PLEs). I bumped into the concept a few months ago, but couldn’t figure out if it was just eduspeak jargon or if it had some substance to it. So I just kind of just filed it away.

Now I still don’t know whether or not the moniker is worth tying my ideas to formally (need to see what how mature the literature is), but I know that informal, episodic, self-reflective, life-long learning is a real socio-cultural and psychological phenomenon in the 21st century. In some fashion or another, it probably always has been a reality — maybe in some eras and cultures more so then others. None-the-less, the main drift of modern society and the embedding of new informational technologies (and its effects) highlight the possibility for educators to leverage this kind of learning and empower students within this highly networked, fast-moving (sometimes overwhelming, sometime exhilarating) environment.

I found this short overview of the concept of PLEs to be quite informative.


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