50+ Ways to Tell a Story

Teaching is often telling a story.  Teachers are storytellers.  I believe this is more or less true regardless of the material that one teaches.

One of the reasons for this is that we, as humans, learn by listening and understanding the stories that we hear.  Stories organize the meaning of information on a human scale and level.

Alan Levine undertook an interesting project.  Tell the same short, 60 second story, using 50+ different web tools.  The story about Dominoe the dog isn’t key here — what is interesting is to see the how the various technologies are used.  And also to see how many tools there are out there to use!

It is a little window on a variety of tools that teachers can use to teach in their classrooms.

I am still exploring the tools, but thought I would share the information here first.

50 Ways to Tell The Dominoe Story


2 responses to “50+ Ways to Tell a Story

  1. Hi Will,

    I think teaching is more than just a story, but helping to create a vision to motivate students to think about the art of the possible…and to get them excited about it.



  2. I agree Mike! And I like the phrase, “the art of the possible.”

    I don’t think that teaching is always, literally, telling a story. Sometimes the “story” is an example of a concept or principle. It can be a story of what success means or story of how to get there.

    It might be personal story, but it doesn’t have to be.


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