Pecha Kucha

Found this really cool idea while I was sifting through my RSS feeds (in google reader.) It is a disciplined way to create a short, to-the-point, powerpoint presentation. As Michele Martin wrote in her blog:

“A pecha kucha presentation consists of 20 PowerPoint slides, 20 seconds per slide, for a total presentation time of 6 minutes, 40 seconds.” In a live pecha kucha event, you give the tech person your 20 slides, already pre-timed to transition every 20 seconds, so you’re forced to keep moving whether you’re ready or not. If you do a pecha kucha screencast, it’s a little less nerve-wracking.

The author Daniel Pink wrote an interesting article in Wired Magazine called, “Pecha Kucha: Get to the PowerPoint in 20 Slides Then Sit the Hell Down.”

This idea appeals to me for a couple reasons (and Martin in her article lists quite a few other instructional benefits to this technique.)

  • First, in online environments creating content and instruction that is short and sweet is a premium.
  • Second, powerpoints are so often a crutch that we use to prop up loose thinking. This method challenges us to put the ideas first, to figure out how to tell the story, and then create the powerpoint to support the story/ideas.
  • Third, I love the challenge of communicating a complex idea in 6 minutes and 40 seconds!

Maybe I will try to create a presentation about the value of twitter in pecha kucha style!


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