Of note: Productivity Blogs

Productivity is a big issue for online professors!  Generally we work remotely and have to be very self-motivated and self-disciplined.  Technologies can be a great aid for productivity, if we find the right tools, tricks and techniques to master them.

Here are links to a few "productivity" blogs out there:

  • This is a pretty popular blog with a steady stream of posts. Quite focused on technology tricks and tips, as well as, reviews and pointers to all sorts of downloads. Lifehacker is a regular stop on my blog reading circuit.

  • Similar to lifehacker.com in that it has somewhat of a focus on technology to enhance productivity, but in general, there are more "soft" articles about time-management and "personal" management.

  • WWD is in the same genre as Lifehacker and Lifehack.org, but with a bit more of a focus on telecommuters and others who work primarily on the web.

  • Productivity guru and podcast-pundit Merlin Mann’s primary site. 43 Folders is a little more eccentric then some of the other productivity blogs. Be sure to check out the most popular/classic posts.

  • ZH is less focused on technology and more on personal habits and processes for improving productivity, as well as, improving one’s sense of well-being. Well written.

  • The focus of this blog is more on physical organization around the house and office. It has lovely photographs and I should definitely spend more time there!


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