"Remember the milk" for Blackberries.

rtmlogo I don’t think I have written about how much I love the Remember the the Milk service. It is a highly configurable task management system that allows you to keep track of all the the things that you need to “get done.”

What is cool about it is how it integrates with the iPhone and the iPod Touch, iGoogle, and Gmail — just to name a few. It even integrates smoothly with Jott.com. I use RTM all the time on my iPod Touch, with the phone through Jott, and on gmail. It really is a seamless experience.

Now, apparently, they are integrating with the Crackberry errr, I mean, Blackberry. (Can’t say I miss my blackberry very much, but that is another story.)

You can read more here.

UPDATE (4/25, 6:15am): Just like with the interface for the iPhone and iPod touch, one has to upgrade to the “pro” version to get the blackberry enabled interface. If I remember correctly, it was like $25 per year for the upgrade to pro.


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