A Twitter Moment!

I am all a-flutter about twitter! (More on twitter in education in a future posts, but for now here is an interesting video entitled “twitter in plain english.”)

Here is a “twitter moment” for you to consider:

I have been exploring twitter.com (my twitter name is profdebock) and have started to network-up with educators all around the world.

I had my “twitter stream” on last week, and I saw a message from a person I am following in twitter. Didn’t know the person personally, but added him to my friends’ list because he was a twitter friend with other folks I was already following. He seemed to have interesting things to say. One morning last week he posted to twitter something like: “I am streaming live now” and a link.

Being the link clicker that I am, I clicked. It took me to Ustream.tv. There I saw and listened to a teacher teaching a graduate-level class on “digital natives and digital immigrants.” It was a pretty good talk.

It is interesting that about 20 people also logged into his live video stream, and there was a place to chat there too.

This was all because a short message he made to his twitter network. Pretty darn cool!

Here is an image of the the moment.



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