December 2007 Innovations Fellows Meeting

Innovations Lab Fellows


SL Meeting_001Meeting Notes

NOTE: What follows are general meeting notes, not full meeting minutes.

  1. Attendees: Donna Liljegren, Will Brooke-deBock, Doug Brown, Mike Pouraryan, JoAnn Funk, Sam DiGiammarino, and Terry Miller
  2. Will welcomed the new IL Fellows. Each participant gave a brief overview of their interests/research:
    1. Will Brooke-deBock has been with Kaplan for more than 7 years. He is interested in Second Life, podcasting, audio, and mobile learning environments.
    2. Mike Pouraryan is working with the undergraduate business school on the first-term experience; want to make the learning experience enjoyable and exciting; is interested in Second Life.
    3. Sam DiGiammarino is working on the first-term experience for the undergraduate school of business; he has been experimenting with audio in the classroom for some time; very interested in Second Life and believes that there are business applications for it for students. He has rented space for us to meet in Second Life and hopes to present his work at an upcoming TCC World Online conference.
    4. Doug Brown is working with the undergraduate school of criminal justice. He wants to explore the use of Second Life for “Kaplan CSI”; he wants to create a place where students can collect and photograph evidence as part of CJ200. He also plans to present at a future TCC World Online Conference.
    5. Terry Miller works with the School of Information Technology, and he want to know more about the demographic of the audience for Second Life (game-playing, etc.). He feels that the technology may not yet be ripe for use yet, but he wants to see how it could be a differentiator. He believes that SL may be most useful for advanced classes where the application and creation of knowledge are important.
    6. JoAnn Funk works with the School of Arts and Sciences as a writing professor. She want to learn more about using Jing and other technologies to help students increase their use of the Library.
    7. Donna Liljegren is the Director of the CTL, and her role is to encourage this group in the pursuit of innovation.
  3. Will emphasized that this is not an administrative committee. Rather, it is a group of innovators and developers working together to find innovative ways to enhance the learning experience for students.
    1. IL Fellows serve 6 month terms.
    2. They may submit receipts up to $500 toward their research project (education, materials, software, etc.). These should be sent to Donna Liljegren or Ellen Scalese (Expense reports are located off of KUNet, under HR, Forms, Finance.)
    3. IL Fellows can remain as non-voting members for an additional six months beyond their terms.
    4. Projects and deliverables must be appropriately scoped. As a result, each new IL Fellow must meet with Will or another CTL staff member in consultation to discuss the research plan
      1. . Will reminded everyone to think big and have fun!
    5. The group will select the next group of IL Fellows in January.
  4. Second Life
    1. The SL interest group agreed that collaboration would be valuable. To that end, Sam created a group in SL and helped everyone to landmark a location where we all can meet.
    2. Sam hosted the second part of the meeting in Second Life and gave a tour of the rented facility. The facility has several rooms and media capability. Will is going to assist with a media link for the downstairs projection screen. Sam ran PowerPoint in the beanbag meeting room. (A snapshot of the meeting is below. Donna’s back is to the group, Sam is wearing a hat, and Doug has a purple shirt. Will was kicked off the island. ‘Sorry, Will!)
  5. The next meeting of the IL Fellows will be Friday, January 4th.

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