Screencapturing – On the fly!

Have you ever wanted to quickly capture an image or a short video (a screencast) on your computer and share it with your students? Maybe your student is having some trouble navigating the course environment? Or is having trouble understanding how to use a particular feature of excel? And a quick visual demonstration will help clear up the situation!

I’ve been testing one tool that seems to have a lot of promise. It is called Jing. Jing is a project for Windows or Mac that allow you to quickly select a portion of your screen and capture it as an image. Or capture that portion of your screen with all your keystroke and mouse movement along with a voice-over narrative.

After the capture, you can save the file locally to your desktop as a flash file, or publish it to the service’s website (with a handy, short URL) that you can pass to students via IM, email or a discussion board.

Here are a couple examples:

Important note: This is a beta software and there may still be bugs in it. I have gotten it to work on my local machine, but your experience may be different. Also, it is not endorsed by the University and no support is currently available.


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